The mission of Shishinkan Dojo is to teach and spread the art of aikido to enable people to live purposeful and meaningful lives. This mission is fulfilled by maintaining high technical standards and exhibiting proper etiquette and behavior.

Shishinkan Dojo uses technique and physical movement as the basis for training. As the student becomes proficient in technique, self-confidence grows and creates an opening to change and improve the mind and spirit. The body affects the mind; the body and mind affect the emotions; the body, mind and emotions affect the spirit.

Training in technique focuses on body movement, timing and proper mind-set. This develops proper use of energy and creates harmony in technique. Continued practice polishes and hones the ability to be centered and balanced.

Advanced training includes performing many techniques against one attacker and then to deal with multiple attackers. This advanced training develops the ability to control the mind and emotions and to make clear and reasonable choices. Choice is the mechanism that creates intention and integrity.

Shishinkan means a “place of Ultimate Mind”. The Ultimate Mind combines integrity, intention and spirit to create a purposeful and meaningful life.